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The latest version of APTA’s Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, which has been available as a book and CD and is now an online subscription, is available now online only, as Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0 (Guide 3.0). The online links to external and continually updated resources enable the Guide to meet the needs of today’s physical therapist and physical therapist assistant educators, students, and clinicians in a way that a static printed book cannot.

Access Guide 3.0 at http://guidetoptpractice.apta.org — no software to buy, no disk to install, no updates to download. Guide 3.0 is free to APTA members. Nonmembers can access the Guide by annual subscription.

  • To join APTA or renew your membership and get free access to the Guide for as long as you stay a member, go here.
  • To begin a 1-year renewable subscription, go here.

Note that if you are a new APTA member or subscriber to the Guide you may need to wait up to 48 hours after your transaction before you are able to log in.

The printed edition of the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 2nd Edition has been discontinued.

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