DPTA successfully worked with David Mangler, Director of the Division of Professional Regulation, to assure that the compact licensure bill (SB 83) would be released from committee. Our lobbyist, Scott Kidner, kept a close watch on the situation and the bill was sent out of the sunset committee on June 4, 2019 and is waiting to be introduced on the floor for a vote.  Scott has also invited us down to walk the floors with him sometime in the next several weeks and several of the DPTA board members will be joining Scott on the floor legislative Hall to network with legislators.

The Compact benefits the public by improving continuity of care, increasing license portability for military spouses, and increasing access to physical therapy providers. Under the Compact, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants licensed in a Compact member state may obtain an expedited license allowing licensees to practice in another Compact member state. In adopting the Compact, the state-based licensure system is preserved but communication between states is enhanced. 

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