The Delaware Physical Therapy Association represents approximately 500 physical therapists, physical therapists assistants and students in the Delaware area. Our leadership in composed of an executive committee, those elected officers and appointed committee chairs who volunteer to keep the association running.

The Delaware Physical Therapy Association (DPTA) is a part of The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), a national professional organization representing more than 88,000 members. Its goal is to foster advancements in physical therapy practice, research, and education.

Bylaws of the Delaware American Physical Therapy Association

Benefits of Belonging

APTA members receive numerous tangible benefits, from financial discounts on courses and conferences to informational resources. But the value of APTA membership transcends individual benefits. There’s value in the things APTA and the DPTA does on behalf of the entire profession—from representing the profession on Capitol Hill and at the state level to national branding and public relations efforts. There’s value in the ways that an association brings individuals together—at the national, state, and special interest level. There’s value in resources and analysis provided by APTA. The list goes on.

To join APTA and DPTA, please visit the Membership and Benefits page on APTA’s website.

DPTA Benefits:

  • Eligibility for FREE CEU’s for attending our quarterly educational meetings.
  • Discounted registration fees to our sponsored courses including the Summer Lecture Series.
  • Discounted registration fees to our sponsored networking events.
  • Access to relevant continuing education opportunities which can be found the DPTA website.
  • Access to the DPTA newsletter published 3 times per year, which you may also contribute to.
  • Regular notifications of legislative happenings.
  • Social events, including the Annual Golf Outing.
  • Access to EDUCATA’s courses and lectures which approved for continuing education credit in the state of Delaware.

APTA Benefits

  • APTA advocates for you in Washington, DC, and state capitals nationwide.
  • APTA speaks out for proper payment for high-quality patient care.
  • APTA promotes the benefits of physical therapy.
  • APTA gives you the public relations and marketing tools you need to share the benefits of physical therapy with consumers and other health care professionals.
  • APTA connects you with colleagues for networking and collaboration:
  • APTA saves you money.  Exclusive 40% discounts on national conference registrations, publications, and continuing education opportunities.
  • Plus many more!

Contact Us

Daniel Klim
Delaware Physical Therapy Association
101 North Broad Street, 2nd Floor,
Trenton, NJ 08608

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